Tuesday, January 21

10E2310: Carhartt Ranch Jacket

A vintage find from the fabled Centennial Collection released by Carhartt in 1989 - call it a ranch jacket(?) with corduroy trim. Never saw such a thing - perhaps only released in the Western states?? Went on eBay for a v reasonable $24. Enjoy whoever you are.

Related, examples of these Carhartt lined barn coats can still be found. Late 1970s perhaps.


DL Hooks said...

That top jacket is called a brush jacket. They were mostly worn by ranchers and cowpunchers in the southwest: Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I own a couple but I would've loved to have known about the centennial version on eBay.

james at 10engines said...

Thx DL - brush jacket def sounds right. cheers J