Monday, January 13

10E2305: A Neckwear Primer - For Kaufmann Mercantile

Wrote some thoughts about tie-wearing for the Kaufmann Mercantile folk. Bonus point if you can name the 3 striped ties in the graphic in there. I'll leave the answer in the comments.

I had spent last Sunday creating part of this with my Somerville neighbor An Affordable Wardrobe in his cozy Davis Sq. shop as below. Thanks Guiseppe.


james at 10engines said...

Were you able to name the 3 striped ties in the "different stripes" graphic?

Answer: Brooks Brothers #1 repp tie, left (as seen in the preppiest movie of all-time Trading Places).
Harvard University tie center. Black Watch regimental tie right.

Apothecary Fox said...

have to admit I assumed Black Watch on right and googled the BB repp tie...but didn't get them. Nice trio