Tuesday, July 10

10E1994: Mason jar attachments

Water and grain feeder attachments of galvanized steel. No surprise to the egg collectors out there. #repurpose

Hens laying like crazy right now. Also some chicks hatching - au natural - i.e. on site from eggs, not bought through a catalog... 6 little peepers now.


randall said...

Is that in VT? or do you keep chickens in Somerville? I'm a firm believer that every kid should have the opportunity to gather eggs from a chicken coop. My grandmother kept them in Mattapoisett, MA and then my uncle took over. Too many foxes got into the hen house and he gave it up after a while, but I still cherish getting up in the morning and gathering eggs.

james at 10engines said...

@randall VT though there is some wiggle room in Somerville ordinances I believe. Will have to check.

Apothecary Fox said...

chicks again? nice. This time they have a better coop to thrive in thankfully. miss those eggs.