Friday, June 15

super s'mores -pb upgrade

Photo via SimpleGirl

Verging on Paula Deen territory here but just heard about this... use a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup instead of a chocolate bar. #upgrade Had s'mores the other afternoon (thx neighbor!) and was mentioning how the "idea" of s'mores is so ingrained in public awareness but when was the last time you actually had them? For us it is not uncommon.. but what about yous?


Noble County Gold said...


Pillar Of Autumn said...

S'moress is a great concept, but tough to actually bring to real fruition. My kids always attack the candy bars and graham crackers seperately with Patton-like "divide-and-conquer" strateegery. Then the marshmellows are left to be roasted and digested in alarmingly quick fashion. It's rare all three ingredients last long enought to be mixed together.

dpb said...

Even better, I venture to say, is a concoction my wife and five year old daughter love: "The Peppermint Daddy". Standard s'more, but using a Newman's Own Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cup. Warning: Could release your inner-Hud (or Reggie Dunlop...)!