Thursday, January 5

erskine's grain store -rural needs from a to z

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, so by the law of meatball lunches that meant that Erskine's Grain store in Chester VT had their customer "thank you" on the day before. Lucky me; we hit it on the drive up from Boston. Haven't been in a few years, though Pops never misses, but it is really something to add to the calendar if you live or visit in Southern VT.

This yearly tradition has been going on since the 1980s, and the offerings of tomato or Swedish meatballs, bbq venison, bread and cheddar, and get seconds chili provide a place to catch up with other customers you only vaguely know from previous meetings, and the staff who you see twice a month anyway. Sis won the raffle last year so I picked up her commemorative t-shirt.

They have the hard to find Woolrich made in USA buffalo hats. 'Course they do.

Had not seen these Fiskars axes in the wild. V tasty. #zombiehunting

Felt crushers. Must wear wool trousers at the same time. Great for snowmen too.

Huge selection of Hav-A-Hank bandanas.

Wall of work gloves. #heaven. The intern even liked the food. Hey kid, keep your Jolly Ball away from my chili.


Oma said...

But do they have "fork handles" ?
not to be confused with '4 candles "
see Ronnie Corbett sketch! an old one -but good one.
Loved the pics !

Apothecary Fox said...

Did I get one of those red Ts? This is the first thing I have pretty much ever one in a prize drew. Sweet!

james at 10engines said...

@sis yers is kinda greeny.

Apothecary Fox said...

green is good..

ursusdave said...

I been lookin' f'ur a place to buy Effanem Crushers for years. I wore them up in the North Woods of Maine, when I was a young woodsman there. That was back in the late 1960s. Yup! There I was - under a well worn and weathered green Crush'ah - a kid from the suburbs of Baltimore who became a somewhat well known bear hunting guide and country girls' delight. I've searched the www several times for Effanem Crushers, and finally just found photos on your blog of where I can buy them. THANKS!

You can see my blog/poorman's website about the wild and wooly adventures of this he'ah old Baltimore Boy in the Great North Woods of Maine at this address: