Tuesday, January 31

5-10 minute walk

Not sure if this signage is throughout the MBTA but really like the "5-10 minute walk" addition to this map. If there was also a circle radiating from Davis Square (just North) to show where the walk zones meet that would be even better. Why don't they have this in airports, or university campuses or hospitals? Maybe they do. #UX


randall said...

Oh man. That brings back some memories. Around 1998 I moved to "Porter Square" in Somerville or at least that's what the lady renting our place told us it was. In reality it was more like Mid-Highland Ave and definitely outside the 1/4 mile/5 to 10 minute walk radius. I've still got the walk to Porter Sq seared in my memory.

Up White St. - Diagonally Across the Kennedy School yard (which was being renovated/updated at the time)- up Cedar St. - Make a right on Summer St. - Left on Porter St. - Left on Francis St.

I Scratched my initials in the sidewalk on the corner of Porter and Francis and while I was up visiting Boston this weekend I found myself in Davis Sq. I should have gone and checked to see if my initials were still there. Next time I guess.

whiteryanc said...

This would be really nice to have as a reference for finding aparments. "Oh it's near Davis" when it's really in Central is the most frustrating surprise of searching for an apartment...