Friday, September 2

a can of beans -interviews at b&m in portland, me

The filmmaker is Gabriella Kessler, a French-American documentarian. A Can of Beans (2003) is a "glimpse inside the B&M [Burnham & Morrill Co. -ed.] baked bean factory in Portland, Maine... As the production of food becomes increasingly global and mechanized, how long can a small, local Maine company survive?"

Video is part factory tour and part social snapshot. It reveals conundrum of the north east; as people from "here" move out and from "away" move in, prices go up, tourism becomes more crucial, reliance on tourism drives up prices for the natives, repeat. The B&M workers may not have the answers themselves but worth watching. Also, I love baked beans... mmmm. If B&M would maybe not use HFCS I could categorically cosign here.


randall said...

Great video, made even better by my favorite Gillan Welch song. Hopefully the old B and M factory survives great recession era America. At the very least they've got a fighting chance since a can of beans is an affordable meal when you ain't got a lot of money.
Also, if N'east style is reading these comments, another good New England saying is, "you don't know beans." I remember reading somewhere that that saying come from Maine where clearly, they know their beans.

Chris Adamiak said...

When I was down in Freeport in May, I brought back to Canada a half dozen cans..I wish I bough more... By far the best baked beans. besides mine!

Jared DeSimio said...

Crazy to see this video again. Gabby is a friend of mine and I remember when she made this when we were at the Workshops in Rockport.

james at 10engines said...

@jared. nice. love this sort of stuff.