Tuesday, September 13

10engines over at kaufmann mercantile -show card/sign writing

Head over to Kaufman Mercantile to read a small post they published for me on a certain type of sign writing; show cards. If you live in Somerville it might remind you of McKinnion's in Davis Square and their handpainted grocery signs. The pic below from googlestreetview; must be 3 years old now. Went round to discuss the signage with them and realized that about a year ago they switched over to printed signs.

Another sidenote; if you live in the UK you will know these types of signs below from High Street "arcades". Eye-watering. Fugly as hell. Awesome. From theonlyone's flickr.


MatCoes said...

Nice images, this stuff is right up my alley.
There are tons of instruction and sample books available free on Google books and Project Gutenberg.
Also a few vids on YouTube.
- Pierre Tardif does beautiful sign lettering and these quick supermarket posters
- and 'Cartazes' (Brazilian sign writers) for the current state of the art Supermarket sign.

james at 10engines said...

@matcoes great links. thx.

Matthew Hranek said...

james thanks for this! my earliest memories of my dad
(he was a sign painter) was doing show cards for local shops. nice homage.