Tuesday, August 23

tom waits -bad as me

First single from the same named album, Bad As Me from Tom Waits. Almost a touch of Screamin' Jay Hawkins here. Today there is some kind of streaming/listening opportunity for the album over at TomWaits.com but the site is getting completely hammered right now (ThaNks WeST COAST!) -try later. The listening party was this clip that has been floating around all monring. Bonkers as usual.

Update: watch the below and never think of Tom Waits the same way again. Or Cookie... So good.


tinder said...

ha! speaking of bonkers & tom waits...no doubt you've spied the Cookie Monster Mashup...?! ...http://youtu.be/U5X4N2exOsU

james at 10engines said...

@tinder -need mind bleach now... haha so good.

Noah said...

Very nice stuff, can't wait to hear it!