Wednesday, February 23

johnson woolen mills, inc. -let's review

Love to highlight the Johnson Woolen Mill in Vermont, it being a battling remnant of New England and a stalwart manufacturer of iceproof woolen pants, jackets and vests -since 1842.

They have a factory store onsite that occupies the original woolen mill (Johnson no longer weaves its own cloth, but has it regionally sourced) that is at the top of my shopping list... or you can buy the stuff online or through your local, right thinking hardware store. Big in Japan as they say..

Have saved a ton of images via eBay over last 2 years but first a few photos from a tour of the mill by TobyGrubb, reproduced with permisson.

© Toby Grubb

© Toby Grubb

© Toby Grubb

© Toby Grubb

This via etsy. Grab it.

Still with me? These take it to 11...


Anonymous said...

Cliff Claven models for them!

mark phelan said...

great stuff. love the vest.

Kristin said...