Wednesday, December 22

south to drop off moron

John Hughes wrote the script for Mr. Mom, one of our perennial favourites. Solid gold. Pure 80's suburbia. Jack Butler may not be a sartorial inspiration (though has hot and cold running ocbd's) but the movie, about a Detroit car company exec' wrangling the kids while wife goes back to work, is eerily relevant for our bailout/bust times. So many good lines... Sidenote, Keaton is on fire here. Hell, we even quote from Multiplicity... TTF.

"Dad, you're doing it wrong. "
"South to drop off MorON!"

"Can you run the hams by me on more time?"

"Just get baloney mister!"


"Want a beer? ... Scotch?"

" How about a nice trim on that mustache RON!"

Jack Butler method part II. Let's skip a few steps.

Batman in a salt & pepper sportcoat. Partycrasher at back left...
Kids looking sharp. Tweed woobie?
"South to drop off... Get it right next time."
Getting dark. His shoe vs TV. TV loses. Phone already smashed.

All babies should eat chili... Family!!


Anonymous said...

110, 120, whatever it takes...

james at 10engines said...

what did you use a .38?
38, 39 .. whatever it took.

think the house wattage is 220 btw...

doane said...

One of my favorite movie lines ever...

"Yeah? Are you gonna make it all 220?"

Jack - "Yeah. 220... 221, whatever it takes."

Anthony Who? said...

This is great, I love it.
Who would have thought we'd get nostalgic about the 80's.

Apothecary Fox said...

ahhh..Memories! Classic. Come to think of it there are so many 80s movies that bring me right back to crystal clear memories. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor Jim Carrey is planning a remake?