Thursday, December 23

paine products -smoke a house

Paine Products from Auburn, Maine apparently use 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of dried balsam tips every week. Local loggers and tree farmers bring in offcut tips from their operations and these are ground down to be put into pillow fillings. The leftover sawdust is used to create the infamous scented sticks that can be burned in the log cabin incense holders (numbers via Mooseville).

These would go perfect w/ those "balsam fir" colored Field Notes you got. You didn't miss those did you?


NateMadigan said...

My Dad had one of these when I was a kid! man oh man I havent thought about that thing in years. I'm going to send him this link. Thank you!

tinder said...

such a lovely woodsy scent & the cabin is good fun! so nice to see them pop up every once in a while...thnx for the reminiscence :)

happy xmas 10e!