Tuesday, October 19


Better than sprayed-graphic t's that is for sure. Serious marketing wonkspeak below.
"Carhartt's integrated marketing campaign was created to reposition the Carhartt brand in the national retail space,” said Lindy Mueller, corporate communications representative at Carhartt. “We wanted to develop a campaign that would re-focus our consumers on the brand, specifically targeting 18-to-34-year-old males."
-via DigitalMarketingNews
GetCarhartt.com is a microsite launched by the historic Michigan firm. All the usual devices are there; submit a story and give over your email, sign up for alerts, share with your wolfpack etc... The commercial is decent and the "behind the scenes" video is not at all bad. #flash_ad snobs wont be impressed... but decent media move imho. Now let's (re)fix the clothes so they are as good as they used to be...


dz said...

rediculous...just give us goods like the ones they sell in Japan that I have been lusting over for years and they will do their own marketing

dz said...

Just give us goods like the ones sold in Japan that I have been lusting after for years and the marketing will take care of itself!!!