Monday, October 25

epiphany -shoe shine

Had a fun time yday at the vintage goodness that was the TopShelfFlea (N'EastStyle took photos, including the above). Tough at these events as the enlightened enthusiast customers often have a lot of what is on offer already, but as prices were rock bottom you could always pick up a few ties or a crewneck wool sweater [yup -ed.]. Sidenote; great chats w/ people including several discussions on tartans, ties and Sherlock Holmes (the modern BBC version had its US premier last night y'know) -Guiseppe was the sounding board for tailoring advice.

The epiphany for me though was getting a shoe shine. Any reasonable person can shine their own shoes and should... but having them shined is like a reflexology-mini-vacation. Never expected that.

Nick (brother of 'Flea organizer Guiseppe) had been a shoeshine 'boy' right after high school and would visit the financial district offices that made up his patch. V cool to see someone so into it. Some war stories as well (power tripping ladies w/ knee high boots etc... good stuff). "First mahog' of the day." he shouted, haha. Toothbrush round the edges, spray bottle for the spit shine. Snap the rag. Photo below does not do them justice, but these brogues never looked better.


country said...

Great post as always... but to be a little off topic... How was the new Holmes on BBC?
Haven't caught it yet but have been rewatching the 40s and 80s versions in preparation.
Kind of psyched for the new but am ready for disappointment.

james at 10engines said...

@country new holmes is decent. lots of references and they introduce the famous address etc in a smart way. def watch it.

Apothecary Fox said...

Just a note for those Stateside who want to watch the new Sherlock Holmes, it is on Sunday nights on PBS, think 9pm on Masterpiece. 2nd Episode this Sunday

Drake said...

Took your advice and treated my shoes today. By the way I am expecting my first child and your grommit posts are outstanding.
I love reading your blog and hope my Tumblr can live up to it in some way.