Friday, August 27


Yahweh frontman Lewis Cook (top left, photo by Andrea Heins) creates most recordings himself -but the band of violin, cello and gizmos recreate and reinterpret them live.

<a href="">Make Me Stop by Gerry Loves Records</a>

The track above is from a split 7" single released w/ another Scottish band, Trapped In Kansas. Yes, Scots love American imagery as much as Americans romanticize the Scots. [N.B. scotch is a drink... the Scots are a people -ed.] If any reader can honestly remember the old Dukes Bar in Glasgow (decorated w/ John Wayne posters and USA license plates) I swear I'll send them a puredeadbrilliant hat. Was probably the only place in the UK to serve Rolling Rock at that time.

The music has been described as minimal soundscapes, tarnished electronica, or alt-folk. I get into that sort of thing. Laptop-folk doesn't sound so great but probably not far away. Releases on vinyl, like here, are not uncommon between all these little [almost said wee didn't you -ed.] collectives. Couldn't embed this but another tune; Laps(e).

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Horrible Old Man said...

I remember an American themed bar on Borough High St. in London, it was full of Canadians. I was in there for Canada Day in 2002 and the Canucks kept playing "Love in an Elevator" on the Juke box. Very Strange