Monday, August 23

dis-union suit

Somewhere somehow I bet you picked up or where given a union suit. May have been a real or imagined need, or a present. Damn me if they are not uncomfortable though (wedgie) and impractical (sweaty cold cotton/poopshoot). A thermal undershirt though -that might get some use. Dis-join the suit below the rear button (you know, for a feature...) in an arc. Still long enough to tuck in, and then some.

Like staring down the barrel of a gun...
the backflap button and reinforcing tab.
Interior contrsuction of that area -double layer flap.

Stitch it down.
Final back. 'Shoot button left at bottom.
Just throw a red flannel on top and you are ready for the spring drive.
Or could sew the placket up the front and make it more like this.

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I own two union suits: one L.L. Bean, and one Carhartt. The Bean one had rubber buttons that broke or chipped prematurely and ithe crotch stitching made it out to be some sort of torture device. I gave it to my wife and she never wears it.

The Carhartt suit, however, is fantastic. Heavy cotton, yeah, but I can't afford those Filson wool undies. It's comfortable and keeps me warm in a deer stand when it's below freezing. And the buttons haven't chipped or fallen off. Good purchase.