Wednesday, November 18

tweed -trouble looms

Oh man they had fun with those titles (Harassed Tweed and Hanging on by a Thread are parts 2 and 3)... This BBC doc on a certain Scottish cloth was iPlayer only but just found part 1. Seeeerious tweed prawn... (see it big here)
[update: realise this clocks in at almost an hour, but is v much worth it. and thx valetmag.]


sympotein said...

god bless tweed

Steve said...

Crazy. I had heard about this doc on the interwebs and wanted to see it. A fascinating story - and one I can personally relate to. My first sport coat was a medium gray Harris Tweed with flecks of bottle green, red, blue, brown and about a million other subtle hues. After two years of college and several more of early workforce duty it had become like a second skin. Great for dressing up or down and a boon for travel. I literally wore it out - from the frayed lining to the elbows and cuffs. I can remember the number of choices in color back then - mossy browns, rust, cream, heather green - it was tough to pick one. It's no doubt a tough marketing challenge, but an equally terrific opportunity. With all of the interest in the provenance of things (from shoes to cloth to food) it would seem as if someone could help create demand for this brand - or isn't it actually more of a tradition than a brand. If ever there were a situation where the government could step in and help save an enterprise, it would seem to be this one. Hope you can track down parts 2 & 3.