Tuesday, November 24

tweed caps

Tweed Touring Cap (flat cap to you and me) with Gore-Tex via LLBean.
100% Harris tweed. Gore-Tex lining. Will never need another one.
I can't do these... I put them on and my grandfather stares back, too eerie.

The Scottish tweed offerings from Orvis are a little brighter, and the Irish tweed caps are a positively cacophonous rainbow of wool...


Anonymous said...

Caps + afro = unhappy bedfellows.
Makes me want to get my hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Are the Orvis hats rebranded Hanna Hats from Donegal?

james at 10engines said...

@anon they do look v similar to Hanna. and some of these models from Orvis specifically tout "made in Donegal" so you may be right.