Monday, November 16

tom waits x denim

Buttons up to the neck and it's affordability make this a wardrobe staple here at 10e (esp' if you can find a 2 pocket, blanket lined Levi jumper...) Levis and mostly Lee in effect above I believe, not picky, easily satisfied with the best etc... Photos from Don't mess with success.


L.A.S said...

Dude's def. got a uniform. If by blanket you mean fleeced lined, then yeah, I've go one of those too. Talk about chunky.

Nicholas Hollows said...

As a Waits nerd and a denim nerd both, I remember looking into his jacket a while back. I'm pretty sure it's a Lucky brand jacket. The pocket shape and zig-zag along the placket are Lee signatures, but the donut buttons and snap pockets are tipoffs that it's another brand's take on the style.

Information overdose, probably.

james at 10engines said...

@nic - no way! was waiting for someone to dig into this.