Wednesday, November 18

3 makes a trend -farnum hill cider

The Trad's Friday Belt featured Farnum Hill Cider a while ago [update and 11/20, brilliant], I had emailed them earlier today about another matter, and then NPR released an interview w/ Steve Wood (below; owner and manager of Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Cider) yesterday. Listen. The NPR story is brief, but yeeeeah for good cider. Used to assist friends in making apple bubbly in old champagne bottles (log splitter headaches would follow...) so would be very interested to see the process at Poverty Lane Orchards in NH. #roadtrip

[sidenote: Steve kills it in red chammy under denim, felt crusher on top.]


james at 10engines said...

11 things about cider

Aubrey said...

I have been up to Poverty Lane -- great place for apple picking and cider -- they even sell growlers of it!

kaszeta said...

For those interested in Farnum Hill, we're offering a weekend at Farnum Hill and a detailed cidering tour as part of this year's Menu for Hope charity fundraiser:

Details here: