Wednesday, July 22

hal hartley -the trouble and desire years

Maria (Adrienne Shelly): Glasses make me look stupid, you know, brainy, like a librarian.
Matthew (Martin Donovan): I like librarians. -from Trust.

Not a definitive guide, but if you have not seen the films of Long Island's own Hal Hartley then you are missing out. Myself, I prefer the early ones; Simple Men (1992), Trust (1990), The Unbelievable Truth (1989). Parker Posey did raise pulses in Fay Grim though... The early films feature crisp, slightly absurd, deadpan delivery dialogue and a good dose of Martin Donovan. There was a rotating stable of actors; Robert Burke, Bill Sage, Elina Löwensohn and Adrienne Shelly. Great music in these flicks too. Lots of original (read director saving money) plinky/noodling music, and it was the first time I heard of Yo La Tengo.

Donovan can't stand the quiet in Simple Men. Nickonflickr has a whole set.

Damian Young monologues in Simple Men. Why do women exist?


Exit Lines said...

Hal Hartley=Independent Icon.
'Are you a priest?'
'I'm a mechanic.'
-The Unbelievable Truth.

james at 10engines said...

another from UT i use all the time. Ned: I'm not a beggar man. I'm an entertainer..."

hard to find these films on dvd...