Thursday, May 14

the be good tanyas

Sis-in-law #2 put me onto these ladies a few years ago, (really like their Chinatown album). I can't find any recent info though... and believe they may have even split up now... there is a myspace/begoodtanyas page that looks sort of current, that's where the bio below comes from.

"They first met in the mountains of BC, at tree-planting camps and open-stages. After traveling separately they met again one particularly dark rainy, dismal winter in Vancouver. At Trish's Chinatown house they would get together to share songs and stories over red-wine and Chinese tea. Here they were joined by fellow-traveler, singer/fiddler, Texas-born minstrel Jolie Holland. Jolie introduced them to the songs of another mad traveler Obo Martin from whose song Be Good Tanya their name was culled. Bonded by their passion for old-tyme music and their love of vintage clothes they soon began performing everywhere they could from thrift stores,cafes, galleries and bars to the streets of East Vancouver, front porches and house parties."

Listen to the Be Good Tanyas on Morning Becomes Eclectic from March 31, 2003, the Chinatown album era. Great stuff.


Kristin said...

I haven't heard/seen anything new in ages, but I know Jolie Holland has been doing some solo stuff.

Upon research, looks like the last Tanyas was out in 2006, check out the version they do of When Doves Cry. Her voice is amazing.

OMIL said...

First saw BGTs on 'Later... with Jools Holland' and fell in love instantly (there's good clip of Scattered Leaves up on YouTube).

Can vouch for Hello Love LP as well as Chinatown.

(Nice to see Kristin's name pop up - triggers great memories of Edinburgh 2001!)