Tuesday, April 21

quotable -open season

Looking ahead to this pinewood derby reminded me of a great quote from Hobie Chittenden about his mentality to racing. This is from an interview a decade ago as part of our video project Open Season.

"Definitely, when I go to a race, and I get eliminated early, I'm not bummed I didn't do well... I'm just bummed I can't get onto the next round and have another run with the boys."


Kristin said...

That was a decade ago?!?!?!

james at 10engines said...

'fraid so... days just going by faster and faster. pretty soon it will be breakfast every 15 minutes.

Sarah Fox said...

yeah but, sitting in a comfy chair by the fire, having your g&t brought to you ain't a bad way to end up. More sugar Gramps?