Monday, February 23

a particular font -carhartt

Have been struck by this Carhartt font for a few years (used extensively on the 1889-1989 collection), in the sense that it is so modern, whereas most of Carhartt's US marketing uses straightforward 'worky' imagery. I like it a lot, don't understand me too fast, just would love to know the full story behind it. A very helpful lady at Carhartt HQ dug up a little more on the font and "C" logo as below...

"...We began using the logo in 1967 (maybe the end of ’66) based on looking at old catalogs etc. I don’t know specifically about the design but I know that 1965 was the year we introduced the Ranch Coat and I think maybe 5 other outerwear designs around the same time. From one marketing report I know we were trying to appeal to a younger roughly college-aged male which I gather had something to do with the cooler, hipper logo. And might I add---what a great design that still is - it doesn’t look dated at all after 40 years."

Agreed. Would love to know more.

[Update: XYZ, examine your zipper]


Kristin said...

i love a good woven label (as opposed to the mostly printed ones now). cool.

james at 10engines said...

yup, and check the woven label on the Lee Storm Riders,,, marks the end of one era, then it moved to the newer printed labels... booo.