Monday, December 29

the wrestler -stays with you

Knocked out The Wrestler yesterday. Reviews are all over the web, here, here or here. My thoughts are in the comments section below - so don't look or your experiece will be tainted.


james at 10engines said...

No secret i am a big Mickey fan. Bit of housekeeping/disclosure as well though, did my M.A.Crit. thesis on "Enlightened Images in American Film" and this would have made the cut. Also worked for the Edinburgh Film Festival for 2 seasons, the first when Aronofsky and Co. brought Pi, so may have a soft spot for him too.

OK, thoughts. Lots of parallels going on, Mickey and his own life being the obvious one. "The 90's fkin sucked..." He could have been saying that no doubt. The wrester and the stripper as public display professions (though he lives for the display, and Cassidy rejects). The boardwalk scenes made me think of Rourke's Homeboy, his younger, broken down boxer pic, that was set on the Jersey boardwalk, in its struggling but living fairground years.

The open-ending builds in intensity once you leave the theater, and served to reveal other themes; what others think of us, especially our children. That gold star goes to the director. The various long shots following the wrestler echo a host of film history, and classic "entering the arena" shots, but also bring you is not point of view but sometimes it feels like you are the wrestler (espcially after his big will get this one).

It has been a long time since we saw Rourke having fun in a movie, and he has some here. Oh yeah... "party like a fireman"...insane.

Sarah Fox said...

so glad it didn't disappoint, know how much you have been looking forward to it. Will have to check it out

james at 10engines said...

oh yeah... "use his leg!" hahaha