Thursday, December 4

tip -segura viudas

Once more, thanks to sis for this tip. $10 sparking here, and to use a well worn phrase, "eminently quaffable". Segura Viudas, cava basically. Just got a write-up as part of a larger article on inexpensive bubbly. Consumer Reports via Liqurious. As with Russian Standard, the bottle art and label may not inspire, but proof is in the pudding.


Kristin said...

dude, this is one of our faves, at yankee spirits it's $7.99 and the perfect bubbly for mimosas. not bad either for the "refresher" at the end of the night. (refresher = the glass of bubbly you need at the end of the night when you need something light and your palate is dead. otherwise known as the moment when you should drink water, but for some reason still think wine is a good idea.)

Sarah Fox said...

how timely...told you it was a winner, go out and get some for yourself!

Sarah Fox said...

ha ha kristin, love the idea of the "refresher", seem to partake of that on too many occasions.
Discovered this one about 12 years ago during my final year in Cambridge, has remained a favourite