Thursday, December 18

quotable -in praise of facts

"You cannot look up on Google something you do not know exists..."

"In Praise of Facts." The Economist 11 December 2008: 18.

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Andrew said...

Kinda interesting .. blew it at the end tho'. What he refers to as "sloppy, politically correct mush" is actually stuff life Personal Finance Education (i.e. learning the difference between a store card and a credit card - about 10% *boom-boom* - and how to calculate APR) and making PSHE/Citizenship mandatory (thereby creating engaged, active young citizens - y'know, the kind that elected Obama?). It's not the total baloney as he makes it sound, using the oh-so lazy 'politcally correct' tag. Britain's education system is far from perfect but it's a step in the right direction to be getting away from SATS (borrowed from the USA, thanksverymuch but no thanks), unfortunately moving away from the manifesto pledge of 'personalised learning' (now a foramlly disavowed dirty word) ultimately getting to a point that allows teachers to actually *gasp* teach. Skool givs u brane dammidge.