Monday, December 8

podium -snow|skate|history and now art gallery

Bit of a shameless plug here for Podium, the skate/snowboard store in Manchester VT. Unprompted, truly. We were huge fans of Sound Barrier back in the day, and like that place, it feels great to have an actual brick and mortar store to go visit, check out equipment, chew the cud etc. Sure you can wait for that whiskeymilita email to pop up... but nothing beats walking to a store for an item then immediately stickering up your car. One Up have turned the upstairs into a small gallery and the opening was a few weeks back.

The shop is worth a look-see for the old boards too. Various area riders, plus co-owner Ross Powers have given up boards for display. US Open legend Andy Coghlan has also donated a few boards to this impromptu 'museum'. One has a great inscription; "short boards suck. long boards truck." That needs to be on a sticker.

Double bonus, they are right next door to Candeleros, which have wicked tasty (a bit sweet though, not for everyone) wings. The fermented jalapeno-oil sauce is a must. Trust me on this one, don't splash it in your eyes...


MG said...

let's get concussion displayed there... lets get my people to talk to your people.

Poppy said...

Just discovered your blog and throughly enjoy it. Scrolled thru all your VT postings - interesting to me as I live in VT and know most of the places, books etc. you write about and have worked with many of the brands you highlight and know many shop owners etc. My 7th grade teacher lived in what is now Candeleros and I sold products at the Peru Fair starting with the first one, shopped at Williams store when I lived in Dorset. Small state! Great that you are highlighting so much VT product. Are you from VT? It would be great if you could post more about the flood devastation here and help generate more relief $. I've posted some info on my blog