Thursday, September 4

very 10engines taste

Completely personal smaller omnivore list...all done. See omnivore 100 below to get the full story.

any insanely sharp vt cheddar (cheesum crow)
baked lobster (preferably injected w champagne and butter)
bear stew (preferably at a fire dept game supper)
chicken marbella
colostrum pie
cullen skink
deep fried mars bar
faye and byrd's sparkling apple cider
fiddle head ferns
fish pie with noilly prat sauce
littleneck clams and mignonette
oyster stuffing
pancakes with maple syrup
ramen w/ a boiled egg
raw honeycomb from own hives
roadkill (was on the other 100 list...but a goody)
roast pig from a spit
roasted corn on cob
sashimi in general
smoked gouda (taylor farm)
steamed christmas pudding with foaming apricot/sherry sauce
taylors icecream w nougat wafers
vodka martini (w “tom olives” at silvertones)
white clam sauce


Sarah Fox said...

yeah 100% for me!! great list. Does get you many unique things we have had the pleasure(?)of sampling

Kristin said...

deep fried mars bar?????

this list conjures an image of you at the peru fair gnawing on some pig ear.