Wednesday, September 24

organic eggs

Beyond organic...from Pops' chicken coop. We are digging the coop out this weekend, and if you have never had the pleasure, it is ammonia-city.

You can really see/taste the difference w these eggs though (from store bought), i mean the yolk is practically orange, so rich... One of my earlist Vermont memories is carrying our first laid egg back to the house...and of course i dropped it on the stone doorstep as mom opened the door. Crushed. Me too.

[update; made this quiche w the eggs and homegrown veggies]


Kristin said...'re making me jealous! I love how the dates are handwritten on the packaging, and crossed out and written again.

I think I delivered some compost to the coop once and that was about as close as doing chores in the coop I can take!

Sarah Fox said...

one of my earliest memories is being locked in the chicken coop....scarred!