Wednesday, March 4

10E2433: Rare Craft Fellowship

What, you already saw this clip? Anthony Bourdain starting a new show celebrating craft of various kinds. As you would expect he is fully conscious of the dilution of this word. Great ender; "Make it by hand. Take your time". Steak au poivre cooked on the skilletron at Borough Furnace? Love it. They won't all have a food tie-in I don't imagine...

American Craft Council Rare Craft Fellowship Awards in association with The Balvenie 
[Anthony] Bourdain will serve as the lead juror for this highly coveted award in both 2015 and 2016. Presented annually for contributions to the maintenance and revival of traditional or rare crafts in America, the Fellows will receive an exclusive trip to Scotland and a $10,000 endowment to go towards materials to continue their crafts. The four additional finalists will receive a $5,000 endowment. This year the announcement will take place in New York City on March 10th, 2015. 
Thanks to the American Craft Council and Balvenie I have been part of the panel judging this years Rare Craft Fellowship, along with several academics and writers and Mr. Bourdain.  It has been extremely educational (and hell, fun) and really looking forward to announcing this year's Fellow and finalists. I'll be in NY next week for the formal announcement and knocking around town. 

The Raw Craft show itself looks great too - firing off (see what I did there) with that trip to Borough Furnace. Long time 10e obsessives might remember them from their kickstarter a few years ago. My iron bottle opener will probably outlive me... you got yours too right??

Tuesday, March 3

10E2432: Town Meeting (VT)

In Vermont, the first Tuesday in March (today) is "town meeting day". Budgets are looked at for the year, issues raised... Our town of Peru will be pouring the coffee and lining up metal chairs in the town hall at 10AM... maybe get some live tweets. I write this little bit every year and it all still applies [that is half the point -ed.].
"On Town Meeting Day, the first Tuesday in March, citizens across Vermont come together in their communities to discuss the business of their towns. For over 200 years Town Meeting Day has been an important political event as Vermonters elect local officers and vote on budgets. It has also been a time for neighbors to discuss the civic issues of their community, state, and nation." -via A Citizen’s Guide To Vermont Town Meeting

While he [Norman Rockwell -ed.] mulled over the problem of the Four Freedoms, he painted another illustration for a magazine cover, went to a town meeting, and attended a Grange supper. One night he went to bed, still struggling to come up with an idea. "As the minutes ticked by, all empty and dark, I suddenly remembered how Jim Edgerton had stood up in a town meeting and said something that everybody else disagreed with. But they had let him have his say. No one had shouted him down. My gosh, I thought, that's it. There it is. Freedom of Speech. I'll illustrate the Four Freedoms using my Vermont neighbors as models."

-via NormanRockwellMuseum

Further reading at The Nation Archives / Four Freedoms.

Thursday, February 26

10E2431: Universal Works Bakers Jacket

"The inspiration for the [first, 2008] collection was not about high fashion or excessive design but the working clothes and simple, stylish, weekend garments I watched my father and uncles dress in when I was a  kid.  They were not rich but liked to wear good clothes, a nice bit of tweed and polished shoes, on a weekend, but it was the every day garments of their working lives that influenced that first collection.  In reality what they were wearing was probably dated by the time I saw them, as they were still dressed in fifties and early sixties clothes in the seventies!

I  began with a simple everyday “Work Jacket”.  Back then everybody’s idea of a work jacket was either the French over dyed indigo blue version or the US  Chore Jacket or Engineers Jacket.  The one I designed was in that same mould but  I remembered the curved sleeves of my dad’s from years of wear so I added darted sleeves to achieve this more ergonomic shape. Essentially it was the same simple work jacket I’d had in my head all those years except with a few more considered touches.

Once the jacket was taking shape, the pattern made, samples in work, I needed to give it a name. The WORK jacket would have been the obvious choice, but I wanted it to be a nod towards my old man, and not only did he work really hard he also had a skilled job; he was a Baker.  So that was it, the BAKERS JACKET was born.  It is a hard working simple jacket, much like my Dad was a hard working simple guy, what you saw was what you got." David Keyte, Universal Works.
There have been several iterations of the Baker Jacket. #allverynoice

 Hillside x Universal Works.

Wednesday, February 25

10E2430: Proper Sledding

Nothing is more boring than other people's holiday photos...

BUT did get introduced to a proper sledding hill the last time in Vermont. The key is to find a snowmobile trail - so it is all packed down. Second trick is to bring a camp stove (left below) to cook dogs. Essential if small children around. Snowmobiles came by every 10 minutes or so - we could have sold them dogs and juice boxes for $10 a hit...

Start up here, helmet is a decent idea.

Then slide down - very fast. Up to 2 kids on your back...

See if you can steer to the jump built off to the right. Don't worry - soft landing.

Wednesday, February 18

10E2429: Grifter Rangers - Gloves

From PapaWolf Supply Co. in New Hampshire.

The Ranger glove is made in the USA. Vintage'd Bison skin palm with 12oz American Cone White Selvedge Denim back. $69.

Tuesday, February 17

10E2428: Grip Swany Gloves

Japanese glove makers Grip Suwanee Inc. have been making this particular style of glove since 1986, adapting traditional western USA Pioneer style leather work by using double stitched Kevlar thread (5 times stronger and more durable than cotton), chrome tanning and waterproofing treatments... they wear in, not out. 
Boom - from the inbox. Thx Chris. Belay glove with suede palm, £69.99 via UK distributor Kinoko.

Monday, February 9

10E2427: Boston Bag

One of our stealth finds of the century (a Charleston, MA industrial that made canvas bags as a sideline) has created a full retail site; Boston Bag. Their original rivetted version above now on sale for Valentine's Day at $52 - the thing is immense - carry-hockey-skates-big, everything-you-need-for-the-beach-big.   
"We began manufacturing our industrial canvas bags in 1928 to serve the needs of  utility workers in Boston. Soon we began shipping our bags all over the country as power lines were being built and maintained from coast to coast. Although originally intended as a purely industrial item, these rugged bags soon became indispensable to regular folks, whether they needed them for sports equipment, boating gear,  woodworking tools, or just the day-to-day... Proudly made in the USA."

If you want a few more bells and whistles they have a 'maple whiskey' version as below; $148. That means waxed canvas bottom, leather handles and longer straps. Both are unbreakable 22oz canvas.

10E2426: The Pop Up Generator

"Charred Slider Roof Terrace Workshop".... and many more. File under you're never more than 6ft away from a dj...  via OMIL