Tuesday, October 21

10E2399: Thru-Hiker at SPL, | Thursday 23rd

Oct 23rd. 7pm. "Thru-Hiker" talk at the Somerville Public Library, 79 Highland Ave, Somerville MA.
From April to September of 2013, Wendy Johnston backpacked the entire 2,700 mile long Pacific Crest Trail from the US/Mexican Border to the US/Canadian border through California, Oregon, and Washington.

Join Wendy for a slideshow of photos, as well as a short talk focusing on the reasons that she hikes long trails and the lessons that she learned during her 5 months on the PCT. Q&A to follow. Leave inspired and encouraged to follow your own dreams!
Is this Wild minus the meltdowns? Dunno. Wear your Danners and meet me there and find out. No GORP though - Wendy is sick of that...

Monday, October 20

10E2398: In The Heart Of The Sea

File under "not your father's Moby Dick"

In The Heart of the Sea by Philbrick is his rigourously researched and detailed account of whaling in the 19thC. It elaborates and continues the true story that inspired and ends in Moby Dick. For those just joining, Herman Melville's Moby Dick was a re-imaging of an actual event, the loss of the whaleship Essex. -Reading a few pages

For more on the subject Philbrick has another book, Why Read Moby Dick? that not only details Melville and the creation of his most famous work but also posits that MD sits as a kind of American "bible". For EVEN MORE MD insight, read the site Power Moby Dick that goes through the text line by line. Pretty great.

Wednesday, October 15

10E2397: The Leaves Are Turning

And isn't it always a flatlander who says "yes and aren't they turning early this year?"...
I hate that. Cause if they were turning earlier and earlier like they always say
then pretty soon the leaves would be turning on Easter!
-The Logger.

Tuesday, October 14

10E2396: In Praise of LLBean Ducks 4

From the zamboni... don't jump the gun.

Easy on-off in airport security. Must.

New pair this year.

Fenway Park warning track.

Huge, massive, long-time fan of LLBean rubber mocs (or Noah's Ark deck shoes...). $79. Deal of the century. Wear these things year-round, great for gardening. Full, over-the-top set including these here.

Monday, October 13

10E2395: Eat Your Greens

Pulled out the garden and saved all these at the end. MUST do something with them... green chutney? Blend with chilis and coriander? Anyone?

Friday, October 10

10E2394: Friday Night Flights - Molasses and Rum

Tonight 6:30pm, join me at GrandTen Distilling in Boston for a special event; "Friday Night Flights".

Hear readings from 2 books detailing the historic 1919 molasses disaster in the North End of Boston ("Dark Tide" and "The Great Molasses Flood") plus a short lecture on the rum trade of the 19thC, and learn about the creation of GrandTen's "Medford Rum". All the while sampling GrandTen's light and dark rums too.

$20. Proceeds to our local Friends of the Somerville Public Library (MA). Reserve your place here.
GrandTen Distilling: 383 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

Thursday, October 9

10E2393: Woolrich Yankee Boot

Woolrich ("America's original outdoor clothier") recently launched Woolrich Footwear, a collection of boots and shoes. A subset of that is a group of men's USA-made, including this Yankee Buck model. $300. Made of Horween leather, lined with red plaid Woolrich fabric. Come in Henry Ford too.

A true "Indy-boot" alternative for $200 less. The nerds will get that one...

10E2392: When Bjork Met David Attenborough

Looking at Bjork's singing from an anthropological standpoint. Great bonus clip.